Interview with Eva Bisceglia

Eva Bisceglia was born in East Boston in 1918. This interview was conducted from her home at 114 Paris St by Bonnie Rosenbaum on October 18, 1997. It covers East Boston ethnic groups, Paris street playground, Wood Island Park, Making Wine, Governors Island and Italian-Jewish relationships. It is part of the East Boston Oral History Project.

Interview with Eva Bisceglia


(Unedited machine generated transcription)

(0.300s) This one here I think is available to everyone. Okay, I’m sitting here Eva Bisceglia
(8.400s) and
(10s) over 18 1997 in East Boston and interviewing her family’s personal history Greenery project, which is got a whole bunch of cards.
(21.900s) I had to put a lot of down because I help you much better.
(38.500s) As long as you’re recording, I’ve got to be very careful not to talk about you or anybody else, huh anything you don’t want to think you could have a good Central Square East Boston, and I should be dated.
(53.400s) Can you find a date on that Elias 25th is also.
(59.700s) I’m 1906 1906. That’s what it looked like a 1906 three different than it is now. Oh, yeah, it’s fun. Yeah, it is different.
(71.100s) Some of these of the trying to figure this out the green now or where you have to just do that over 2.
(81.500s) Just try to look in the background to see if you can remember some of the stores that were there what they’re now the stores but the courtyards are God. That’s where the Liberty Plaza is that used to be called yet. Do you remember when I was clears throat? I remember the word buildings and a lot of shoots because I imagine the that’s right there at the waterfront. I imagine that the books you could come in with the call and that’s what they would go in and then we’ll have to fill the trucks shoots will be on this side and there they would fill the trucks they would section with structs if you wanted a tunnel.
(111.600s) They have a like a quick divider B12 turn whatever and make deliveries then they take a shoot and shoot it down. The sellers that has the most of the foundation’s if you noticing these pasta you’ll see that there’s front windows. Some of the people have blocked the map but that’s what they were shoot the cold and not to the halogenated. We heated by coal gold in the furnace really to equip some of them have Palace stoves then they put heat.
(141.700s) I had the when did they change from coal to heat my my kind of put it in we were very young. I was the youngest in the family. So they were getting Advanced because the oldest one didn’t have all the luxuries as they went along that I had was I came along but I can remember.
(166s) The heat would way way back, but he already put it in his own apartment here to put it in for the tenants. They had to use Tyler stoves and kitchen stoves to eat. So he owned he’s a landlord will be on the substance 1918. So you rented out the we stir up with you.
(188.600s) And that that was the musical by the cold there and some of the things my father. I just came across a wonderful article about the Italian culture and some of the things with broke to Jeff fond memories of the what we used to do is so much as life. So it’s okay.
(207.800s) It was interesting because
(210.800s) today you hear African American Italian American and so forth and so on and that kind of hit base with the was going on because I don’t feel either you’re an American with the heritage of whatever our but they insist on using the hyphenated American word, which I would say my parents were born in Italy, but I was born here. I’m an American
(235.400s) And that like he said in his article. My grandparents are Italian Italian. I was I was an Italian American and my children are American American. Yeah, but what kind of what kind of stuff do you remember? Yeah, that was Italian Heritage growing.
(258.300s) I think they have one Bond and one thing in common. They kept them together. They came to the this countries are all foreigners. They came to get ahead and they helped each other.
(273.500s) They really have to chat. It didn’t matter. If you were Italian or your neighbor was whatever the other nationality they did help.
(281.800s) And we were with my father came and my mother came they were married in this country. But at that time they all helped each other to matter what you were when nationality. This was a Jewish Italian Irish neighborhood the Jewish synagogue, and I think the story is a classic the suited ee Jewish synagogue was up the street. It’s gone now. It’s a parking lot. Yeah, it’s a fact
(311.600s) Mathi dedicated first to be to the spa Stone into then they match at the health unit. Got it someway somehow that and Fridays the Jewish people would come down to go to the synagogue and it was off the docks and the little I know about what was happening was we knew there were different.
(333.300s) They don’t do things like we did and at this time of the year, they used to go to synagogue which sit on the doorsteps to see all the people go to the synagogue, but then it was a cautious but when I came back, my father was living in the second floor, my father had a heart attack of whatever he wasn’t. Well he couldn’t make the stairs in those days in the phone and go down once in a while once a day or once whatever he was told to do and this man came by
(363.300s) The doorbell and that was upstairs and I went over the rail and I says hello. Can I help you? I bust them in. Can I help you? He said is mr. Teller plan or there and I said that was somebody you see use my brother hangs over the railings are talking to each other and he said to him this is how are you doing and they exchanged all their ailments and what was going on? So the man is about to leave his well. I’ll see you in the better weather in the park and he says yes, he says okay, so he says goodbye.
(393.100s) Oh, mr. Gela fauna, and my father says goodbye. Mr. Zhu and I says Papa. Why did you call him? Mr. To he say always call him mister. I can’t pronounce his name, but that was a title of respect. They were friends green years three hours called the missed you we’re spies used to sit in the park with the park right across the street in those days.
(423.100s) Walk. Okay. This area was all mixed mixture Irish and Jewish people is that true for all of these fast enough. I remember reading an article talking about the immigration of the different ones that came in first. It was Yankee and it became a huge then the Jewish people came in and the Italians came in and now we have but there were others too. But then we know we have the Latino coming in and the Asians is lot of age.
(453s) You like becoming zombies tonight. Is it predominantly any one culture? I know it’s mixed. I think it’s getting stronger stronger than being Latino. Yeah, I noticed a lot of the stores. Yeah.
(469.500s) What’s a Latina?
(472s) Is it the street? Do you know the people who still live and not many changed my I think 104 and 108 at the a column original the must have been because the houses must be about a hundred years old and we were already on these but the substance or violent 1918 and I in 108 tip one that owns 108 is my girlfriend were brought up together and we’ll be real original the original wood tones of this little air.
(502.400s) There are only seven houses because we’re the neighborhood center stands today was the cut with school. What kind of school that that was for the kindergarten first second. Third grade. You didn’t go there. Oh, yes. Yeah. It’s very odd then across the street to the Lyman School.
(523.600s) That was the fourth fifth sixth then from there. I went to the normal. K67. No, not the sixth seventh eighth ninth. And from there. I went in town two girls high in town. We’re Newton Street West Newton Street in town. And I thought when I went to girls, I’ll never forget. I went to Google and I found out I read were look look away. It was within the geography book and I know where Latvia was that was it?
(553.400s) Geography for profanity some people that came from their books as they were all from the south end and broadcast. So that’s what the high school. Yeah, because that they can use in the South and people from something from all over the city of Boston went to that school and it was real fun as his own God. Yeah. I saw her didn’t geography book, but I never knew found a person because they were Jewish Italian and Irish here. You know, you didn’t the neighborhood stay pretty close to home in those days. There ain’t no right now. It’s pretty make sense.
(584.800s) The school still language school has become the apartments for the elderly. This was school was turned down with a became a parking lot. Then the center took it over. They build the hospital now, they’re enlarging it. The synagogue is gone.
(605.200s) But I didn’t go to the Dandy old Gary that was built after I was went to school to be done in the king. So what was it that it was with a like? Yeah, you think I’m different from Boston Schools. Now we had about quality. I think we think it’s a good up to
(629.600s) the physical element of the younger the lower grades
(635.100s) She went to the 4th 5th 6th. We had for quacker find my old report cards. I kind of Saved report cards and and wish to have many subjects not that amazed me more when I see the kids as well. Why aren’t you in school all his I had to subject to that study period or they were through with school at 12 o’clock. We went from what was
(664.600s) Eight or nine clock until two o’clock three o’clock in the afternoon. What kind of subjects do you remember?
(672.200s) English geography History Literature, that was separate of English that was separate from this is the high school downtown program office practice and took a business course for keeping my own 10 subjects around you didn’t have much time to be on the street.
(696.200s) Cuz you came home when you had a lot of homework to do.
(702.300s) I don’t think they had a big we didn’t because my older brother. My older sisters didn’t go to high school. It was just sister before me and I went to school high school and because in those days, they need to 14 years old. We should go out and work. What would an education due to for a girl. She’s going to get married anyway and have children that was their family their attitude. We’re not all but that was very
(732.100s) Common, the only what did your sisters end up doing it 14 14 it in factories stitching around here. No one town.
(743.300s) Remember we have to the world.
(751.100s) My the difference between my older sister and I was 9 years my brother eight years, but you see when I was five and she was 14. I was there was such a vast difference are already woman of the world and then being the youngest you were treated as a baby the youngest in the family, my baby sister becomes ever called anything, but my baby sister.
(778.300s) So you and your sister went to high school though message to him. How come your parents? Oh, yeah, what they became a lot of Mesoamerican eyes as time went on to my poor older sister had to go to school and not know the word of English what how old was you know, five years old when she started school. She could speak English. Did you grow up speaking Italian? No in the family it was odd.
(806.500s) I would be sitting at the table and have dinner. We will talk to my father in English and talk to my mother in the tag.
(816.600s) I didn’t speak English, but that is how can a human English he was out in the Working World where they were speaking in probably learned, huh? Well, is he doing work for the Navy? I know in that child. Stop a lot of people leave these fossil to go work it out. I don’t know what they were but he worked as since World War one. Yeah, what kind of he was in the pork chop?
(843.600s) And he’s too he didn’t work with the metal and things like that. But I remember if you had to work overtime you would call him. My brother was working on his dinner and we had to get it when we had to go to the main gate. Did they call in to that Lounge to go into the Navy and he would go into his shop and we would I would see what was going on these what he did was repair. He’s huge.
(873.600s) Spray hisses and they’re made of brick a custard had fires going.
(879.700s) And that I have to die down for him to be inside to repair the brickwork and he didn’t he didn’t handle the neither Metal He’s to do all the Mason word problem. Does he work at night? If sometimes we had over work overtime some emergency come up that they had to do something. He did that his whole life.
(899.200s) I got no. No, I think what he gave as a young man who grew up with constructions as a water boy because of those days. I don’t think that they gave me the accommodations they have today. They must have one big container and that Philip filled water with the Dipper.
(915.400s) And it go to the men that war didn’t have all the equipment they have today. It was very very young when he did that. How old was he? I don’t remember. I don’t know. Yeah. No, they’re married at st. Margaret’s Church and Prince Street. Yeah.
(942.200s) It was interesting I had to
(945.800s) Break down the second floor apartment where we always lived but Cindy is a living up there and there are many things that cause I got went out and everybody went on their own. I just had a single sister that stayed home with my mother and there were many drawers that the house belongs to them who went poking and when I broke down I came across so many things. I found a marriage license.
(971.700s) The marriage license your parents are yeah, I found a ten to bed. I can’t get to because it’s interesting. I found some other legal papers and found out I just kept them up there. Anyway, dig deep it way back and I just let him in that dress someday have to get active again. So when did you move down here? Oh, I didn’t move here. That’s what that we’ve ever mistake that problem. Stay there. Okay, so,
(1001.500s) The first floor. No, I left East Boston. Mary left his past and came back and then tenant was here they moved out and I moved in. Where did you leave Boston? Yeah. I left here married went to live in.
(1017.700s) Hyde Park, Needham went to Arizona lost my husband came back.
(1027s) bacteria
(1031.900s) That second floor all these years.
(1035.500s) So there are many interesting things I found.
(1041.200s) Dear brothers and sisters. I lost everybody. I’m the only one left with my siblings then they live here when they were not the house was just like a one-family house because my older sister had this apartment and she moved to carve on my brother took it and he took off went to another city and my sister stayed with my mother and my aunt married system do the third floor the two grandchildren were born in there. So it was always family occupied and then
(1070s) Still you still know at my sister’s son lives in the third floor and I just that’s why I came across with it. I just for the first time rented this for the second floor where the family is with all these years I’ve ever enjoyed the first of January this year. That’s why I said I went into boxes and a lot of drawers and I found all these things a community where the people but my sisters were living there and I had taken this and I came back there.
(1099.900s) It’s a living so that hard to rent it out took me five years to him to empty her I couldn’t go in.
(1109.100s) too many many many memories
(1134s) so you left I was gone and then I took off.
(1150.800s) And what you got making back in 78 we working this time. Is that what we working at this time before After High School? Oh, yes. I can remember during high school. There were stores where the tunnel where you see the sum of the tunnel. Go in that section that you can read it right there on Marine industry. There’s to be all rows store so much has been gone and I went to work for
(1180.600s) The villain I restore their and I work Saturdays when I was going to high school. I work from 12 o’clock noon to 12 o’clock at night for two dollars. They are two dogs. So that must have been in the early 30s. What kind of work were you doing? Just try to pry hats on a woman tried so fast, so you sell it you’re doing retail challenge.
(1217.900s) Let me think.
(1239.800s) And she wouldn’t sell me. She wouldn’t buy me that new dress for whatever reason I wanted it. So I took my gold bracelet. I sold it and I bought a dress so so just go. Oh, yeah, and it was addressed or there.
(1259.600s) Those clothing store men’s store. There was JJ no worries. That’s it. That’s what union to Pastor a tough, you know at the Connor London and Meridian across the street from the yeah.
(1275.200s) Presbyterian Church. Yeah, it’s a Presbyterian Church. If you go to Meridian Street in 1938, we lost their steeple the Spire of the church, but it used to have a clock and my mother’s job was worried about being on time for school and she sent me up to the third floor so I could look up to to come down until it worked out was this so she could see our clock was right so you can you can see it’s a from the third floor.
(1305s) The church used to go to know. We’ll catch a hold of your Dima. Okay, that’s great. Yeah. Oh, yes, that’s another Church Catholic Church as one of the first churches because the Sunday service. Yeah, the old timers are still there. They’re still there. Yeah.
(1334.500s) The church. No. No, I don’t have but let’s churches. This is the old band School.
(1341.700s) Where is it located? That’s when Marion Street some of these I don’t remember.
(1348.900s) see
(1350.800s) because you’re not sure.
(1356s) Is it grateful?
(1359.300s) I can’t even read them. Can you see that? I can’t see that well anymore Boston Mass living room of the public library, that’s still there. This is he’s brushing but I don’t remember this see what does it say?
(1375.900s) Methodist Episcopal Church doesn’t even see where
(1380.300s) no, you know where that is. Now. I don’t even know if it exists I tried.
(1392.300s) Which church is why do I have this baby ODI Styles so I can argue about it because that used to be in what I call the like an ally like an elbow Ally and my sister older sister wanted to teach me how to go into Boston and we would take the ferry and she we went up handle a Fleet Street.
(1416.700s) To Hanover Street, she walked behind me and then we had to turn left into this alley where the Oyster House was. Okay.
(1426.900s) And and I kept it. This is the old with place to house and that’s where we’re turn left. And then that would take us off to would I go from there? I don’t remember but she taught me how to go into Boston so you can only get there by ferry. Yeah. No. No, we had some poison, but you take the ferry so we took the ferry.
(1448.900s) Two cents, that’s why yeah with two cents to grow. Wow. And then we the one time I have read think it was one setting you will able to describe it. Very free one fourth of July where to drop you off in Boston on Fleet Street went up fully and turned left on Hanover and then a shortcut was left in this hour.
(1477.600s) Ali where that took us, I don’t remember if I look where the oyster houses then I find out but would go uptown that way you go into busting. Yeah. Yes. I know that right around there was a hole and gotten my mother’s favorite store and and home that home that that me see if I can place it.
(1503.600s) No other the way downtown wasn’t like waiting for lenses or not that up there.
(1512.200s) So did you ever take the subway when you’re younger you want to town for years? I had to go to school.
(1517.800s) I had to take the subway to school.
(1521.400s) girls go to girls high school which to buy
(1527s) Tickets and will be five cents each way so would buy the tickets and would give the conductor e-ticket.
(1535.700s) She’s to cost me ten cents to go to school. How are our mother would give me 15 cents a day for lunch and down at the cafeteria. I never want to watch because I would send a friend of mine downstairs to munch. I don’t even remember that if lunch wrong and I asked you to get me five squirrel bars. If you see the I think there were existing at Square on that at the wax paper and the two little squirrels and Jen would Blueprinting she would.
(1565.500s) Get me fat those and there were a penny apiece and I would save the dime.
(1571.600s) And I have to save the time because then I would have more spending money and and now it would do my homework and study because it seems a lot of homework and those days, you know get ahead.
(1587.700s) But that’s how many years did you do three years, and I was in that school.
(1594s) And I wouldn’t care at lunch or a few soup. See my mother worked and all my my older brother was working. My older sister was work and my other sister was working. So everybody would slip me a nickel every so often benefits of being younger. Yeah, they spoil but then in the line at school now, how could I have been 10 years old I start school at five and I was in the fifth grade IV, 10 11 12. There you go to the office every Monday and every money if
(1623.800s) The route is committed managed to Chisel and let go and they would say why and you know, you sleeping give a couple pennies or nickel and we used to have a like a stamp machine but you’d buy stamps worth 5 cents intensive and you take and you put them in this book was just two pages and you put it and then you would talk a lot of how much it was and the secretary her name is miss you. I remember her you kept him turning that book what it was filled and you
(1653.700s) we’ll put it in the bank.
(1656.600s) And they taught you to save.
(1660.400s) Yeah, they used to go to the office tonight. Those stamps not like posted simply like a postage stamp of that have a value five cents 10 cents and you had a bank account. I had a bank account. Did you ever spend that money? Oh, yes. What kind of stuff did you like my new dress? Yeah, things like that. So what was your mother doing?
(1690.800s) My grandma took care of us and my mother went to work and she worked in East Boston. No, she’s to work for not in the factory and specialty shops like men would come in as have suits made. Okay, but wasn’t production work. She always work for them because she did all the handwork. Yeah. She was good because she did all her life, but she doing that.
(1720.200s) No, she didn’t working at me.
(1724.100s) aggressive
(1729.900s) it was interesting and it’s always interesting to note that some of these people to come in from the old country. Everybody was royalty and you hear these stories. So why did you come to America to work as hard as you did that you had you leave that kind of like to come here, but my grandmother and my mother and her son of together, he came to America First and she supported
(1757.300s) Yourself if you can do that by writing letters for people in America and people from here and she used to do a lot of fancy sewing and taught my mother how and Moshe my mother would do that kind of work in the wrong you mother ever teach you that kind of work. No, no,
(1780.400s) I didn’t have a dick never learnt my older sister. Did you know what?
(1788s) They said too much fun doing what kind of stuff anything the girls would do. We were six girls in this little piggies houses. If you saw one you saw six of us together a long time. Yes, I’ll go to school together. There’s only two of them were a year old were all the same age where I was in the same classroom with the exception of one that went up in school, which was appropriate scope and she went to film School the all the others went to the pop of school. So we’ll all go to
(1816.300s) Together in the morning come home together do everything together. What kind of activities?
(1824.400s) We thought we own the gym because we lived in the street with the gym and we used to go Mondays and Thursdays there and I would go for calisthenics and whatever we had to do there forever programs. They had and then when they sat competitive basketball with Jeffries Point group would be up there and God don’t ever do any we all that gym and you just couldn’t go from here and anywhere you were supposed to because we own that door.
(1853.800s) Yeah, yeah, and then we used to have the center of the social center of the square. Yes, but not the way it was for us because they have many many activities. We still go on field trips which of course now schools have it but now they the school didn’t have it and we had a Miss Hunter and a Miss Clark and she take groups out.
(1878.400s) And in the summertime with me doubt the Wednesdays and Fridays with Miss Clark with the group and we would go on Wednesdays would stay close to home and they would teach us many things.
(1895.400s) Many many things with meet up what island park officials a good day. It was the day we couldn’t go out we would need to be immigration house, which is now turned over to elderly home. But on Fridays we had to have our calf hair and lunch and we used to go and have a wonderful time. We went to hoods milk and they brought us through the whole business about how they what they did with milk and they came in and had the
(1924.600s) a bottles and so forth and then we were always treated to milk and cookies and ice cream. That was one of the things that I love we went to with the have a museum to see the fit the glass flowers, which I’ll never forgot and I went back as it and I didn’t even realize what we had the treasure we have until I start when I was older when we went to leave a brothers and saw the make soap and never knew how they made the little beads of soap that they used to use rinse. So but I saw her
(1954.600s) It did it then and then they’d give us a gift box and it went to the museum. Those are all our field trips. And this clock was I have still have her picture in high school. Yeah, then with the time they take us to see the hill. That’s the Girl Scout camp. We used to go to see the he’ll go tobogganing. A lot of Happy Days. That’s why we’re late.
(1984.500s) This is what was the most significant feature. Everything was great. And I love an answer. That was I really mean it. Well, what could I picked one when I was very young age to have the job parade and all that competition. It would go on in the marsh which they they call the Paris Street playground. We called it the mosh glad you called because it was a mash this all when distills all this land is all filled in and I imagine one time riding would be there wouldn’t be wet land either which it was what?
(2014.600s) The blimp at the Mirage and it was gravel dirt even think it’s as beautiful as it is today, but that’s where we would have the races and the doll parade that my girl from won first prize winner father decorate the big dollars of Statue of Liberty. I got the picture for all that. What is it offering you don’t you dress up your carriages with crepe paper, whatever subject you wanted to use and you take your little dog carrier.
(2044.500s) Go along then the judge them and they give you a prize is every year every fourth of July. Then you go into the gym and you get hurt. He’s just the girls who did this. Well the good jobs. Yes, but there are other things going on for boys to I don’t remember maybe three-legged races are just erase something competitive. This is all right across right across the street. In fact, I remember when the police used to come down the street in drill in the marsh but their wake
(2077s) The station has been there a long time.
(2081.900s) Like where did I find it to just put something away this morning because will give you the address I would say more about us, you know, that is also do you say because I remember the please come in now and during that marched on Paris were you going there to drill?
(2096.500s) So just like I center part of the neighborhood and like Irish this section.
(2101.300s) The said this place is divided and such as you go here the first section or in height of this was called the flats, but we still like more in our own neighborhood. He didn’t venture out not too much. Remember when I was very young then but now now and when I get older you couldn’t find me it was never home.
(2124s) We always are out to looking scouting doing things.
(2127.800s) We took over Thailand and I can remember my mother she worked and I could remember what she take off just now. Don’t forget you won’t go to see bridge will go to the Moon by the attitudes a secret. Oh, no, that was a dangerous spot by the river with the rent going into the old section of what island park and a shortcut but we had to go over the tracks The Narrow Gauge tracks and there was one
(2158.500s) Section that there’s always not always but a few accidents did happen with the train other did they drown or whatever because there’s only a division of the land and the water would be there and the check railroad ties and they tell you don’t look down you’ll get dizzy and then they would play Daredevil. I bet you can still got I heard a train come and see if you could make it to the other side and there was all these things would happen, you know kids are kids.
(2188s) Please to cut through there any way with oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. So when you do what I want, oh, what I was about to say fact that you didn’t act in here about what I’m about I heard of I read about it. I heard of without this one of them old students packed beautiful beautiful part later that away for took so much away from us. That’s where we would go. I never went there with my mother because my mother was work.
(2218.600s) And she never had the time to take us but I always liked your honor to some neighbor that was going there because my grandmother lived with this and like I said, my sisters were working brother was working. So I should depend on My Neighbor Next Door my other neighbor, but look at my the egg she to take me to the Mountain Park and I was latched onto the one that lives next door and I will tag along with her and she take her little
(2248.300s) What do you call the cop the kids got the full moon. So wagging wagging? Yeah, and she takes her look up for food not would go to spend the Dana. What kind was it? Just a big part of it was of course these parts and surrounded by water. So there’s a lovely Beach and Humphrey. Could you throw? Yeah.
(2269.800s) Facilities about house tennis courts. They are a track with a beautiful part. Did you go to great nephews?
(2286.400s) And if I said this is this going to be too long. I said no record tell you anything. Now, I love you know, if you get tired, you know, I don’t think that I’m afraid of something you don’t feel that they were necessary to be told but you think about what you want and you can put it all together, right? Yep. Okay, I have more arguments and I when everyone I’m sure of it because
(2316.400s) I have all the proof we back in 1943.
(2322.600s) But we had lightning strike strike the gymnasia going to let this one might nice job and I’ve got my little camera. I was living in the first floor of 108 Paris tree. This is a picture of the gym in the whole newspaper article. This is the picture I took of the gym. Well, I was living in this house at the time. I’m set up a
(2351.200s) Yeah, I was living in the house next door. This is the top floor of that house because the big if you notice there’s a they put the wall back was a decorative wall that came up. I don’t know if they put it back or not. These were the lightning struck see it was here. Oh my God the decorative wall. And that’s where the lightning struck and the debris fell on the top floor of this house and on the other house that I was living in and this was where it was. Oh here it is. It was in this it was in the store.
(2381.100s) Applause, yeah, I was living in the first floor and when I wait one away, he moved what you saw when I first got married. Yeah, that’s where I gotta fly but these are the pictures and the whole object, but somebody was telling me just they had all he says they this this this diocese that’s wrong. I got the proof Isis is no I know for a fact because I was down the mash when it happened would you bet at dinner?
(2407.800s) And they said cheer up at a dinner. I said, okay. I didn’t want you to know that I come up with all this very well.
(2416.300s) So with the gym now stupid say it’s a public gym. Okay. So yeah, we still have showers there but the shows on his predominant as that the athletic things the one time we needed because this was the flats are not many of them have bathrooms and bathing facilities because these weren’t the nicer homes these with this area. I really believe according to what someone told me I’m repeating what I did because I was around at the time that they will
(2446.600s) This was built specifically for the immigrants that came over and many of them didn’t have tapped. They had the laboratory or not. They tabs this house didn’t happen. Oh, you know, we just took a pantry and put a stall shower and wow, my father did that and all these houses are the same.
(2471.800s) So the bathhouse they did it for the working people. So that’s a word that yeah, that’s what they would use for clonus were dating but they would be Monday and Thursday as well for women in all the other days including friend died Saturday and Sunday were four men use the Jimmy they weren’t for the Jew for showers like a woman on the use it two days a week because they thought the woman didn’t need as many memories do dirty work. Maybe they’ll say what you give up as it wanted to be.
(2501.400s) Every day Europeans never thought of baby. Yeah, that was even David the different Customs people have Vector still some countries that don’t believe in baby in every day. So after the other houses around here, they do not all the ones that there were exceptionally didn’t know all these houses love and Chelsea Street not on London Street in have that bathrooms. So what is it that these gems they see I wish to go to
(2531.800s) it was always like everything around here was like a holiday with that. It was a vegetable people my own doorsteps and that she used to tell me this now as you sit in the doorsteps and she released wait. She was a very thing room and she said she used to sit in the toast of to smell pretty fragrances that women would just
(2562s) She’s to love it. And don’t you think a growing up? She’s brought a few but all kinds of cream and she could afford he had cucumber cream strawberry cream that was pink Quinn was appeal. So she would go to work and I would for her to take off and then I go in her drawings of off period and how long
(2591.300s) Oh my God, like I said, they are became Americanized and they did better with the financially and I’m going back to the generations.
(2613.600s) When your parents moved here that was probably the case, right? It sounds like everyone would know each other and then what oh God, that’s why I said it was a bond. Everybody was poured know.
(2634.500s) Really?
(2637.100s) He would see somebody meet somebody that would share it. They make something good to eat. They will be sharing. I always got a big charge out of Miami and time this everybody went to the market to buy their grapes on October 12. Columbus Day was a day over that but Devon was all they that people respect it because they didn’t work. They would go by then. It would be the same great.
(2664.200s) I bought you but whoever did I mother would say open it till I call my dad. I will be heard this of our grapes over to her and she said back of this Roots. They put a lot of the same places. They encrypt could we go back for you mean when you said my father did all the crush the grapes But there again that was a festive the neighbors would come in and help him and he would go and have that and you have a
(2694s) Trying to type thing and you crush them. Then that would have to cement for a while and barrels then they had a press and you put in the Press with high and a little go around and they would squeeze and squeeze the what he did that will come up more like a grape-juice rather than the wind until the demented and did what it had to do and we would always everything had was an occasion. Was it something and he would cause them with the kids we would go down and he would give us a turtle.
(2723.900s) A piece for the glass to get a political it tasted with his came out of the spout big deal. That’s good. Isn’t it? Yeah, I’m down in the basement. A lot of people they used to I don’t know who did who did not everybody but like I said, it was always a big occasion was I was a big something.
(2749.900s) You’re saying before you get up with the park what I don’t ya what What mmm?
(2757.800s) What is he’s now? It’s oh, no, the airport took it over. We used to wonder was the old section.
(2765.600s) we used to roll used to used to go in through Prescott story and there was a Footbridge there and we go over the Footbridge we go into the old section of the island because then the new section used to go through Neptune row, but I’m going to Waverly back when we were young children and we will go over the Footbridge and go to put Island and there was the called Governors Island which no longer exists now they had a fort there for I fought and we will go
(2795s) Across Montana stuff came up. We couldn’t find what I haven’t got.
(2826.600s) And I’m going up the stairs up to the top with you see with these two have the cans and that Force that’s all gone. This is our governor. And if you get from everybody you couldn’t see much but we used to tease and we still look over to where the piers were because the boys used to dive off the pier naked.
(2854.200s) We could see a time thing, but they thought they would tease each other and then we would have we Rose at the end. That’s one time. We had a whole group and we’re on the beach. We pick Periwinkles and we made a hole in the sand and with the fire underneath and we put the bucket and we steam the Periwinkles and picking up take a look Terry wrinkles and say
(2883.900s) Singing always to be such a wonderful place to go to that sounds like a think. Yeah, I forget how many eggs it was but families we go out there to picnic.
(2896.400s) When did it get taken over I wasn’t here, but that’s when they came to cut down all those beautiful trees or Neptune Road, and that was bumpy.
(2909.900s) And they have the names Robert from my understanding. It was probably that was governor at the time.
(2916.900s) They just tore down everything. There’s only one thing left at the new section. The stairs is I went they would someone you just see the stairs when we used to go downstairs. They built a new bath house.
(2931.600s) So right now it’s knowing there’s no what?
(2942.700s) Oh my God, how did that how come I could take that medically? I don’t know I couldn’t go into it. All I know is that they try very hard not having to take it away. But they of the method he’s in charge to one out. So people still are bitter very yeah.
(2970.800s) What kind of activism was there? I heard some pretty politically active. Oh, yeah, it was all political multi king of Anna King did his little chair when we like Governor came because of that I will cover up doping.
(2988.600s) Does his part was all political what else other than any other big sort of political that’s like that there’s so much going on in this place and I can’t keep up with the to be honest with you that day. I give up. I do my own thing all by myself. I really mean that it’s to to involving too much for me, too.
(3010.400s) to handle
(3014.400s) but it is a strange thing. He’s behaving this way out. This is my opinion and my feeling he’s passing is so criticized by people and condemned and knock down and everything, but everybody wants a piece of it.
(3031.700s) It’s the truth. Everybody wants a piece of these plaster, but you mentioned he’s fast and they were has a stigma you see you come from these pastor.
(3041.600s) Even to the other day. I was in I went to a shopping center and I was sitting in the shopping center and I was the bench inside of the center was back to back there were two women sitting one part of it and just last week or two almost and then this pirate have a sit in the other and I heard those people for these Frost and they were not this is only last week.
(3070.400s) I didn’t even bother to listen and couldn’t hear because until I tell him off.
(3075.600s) What is it? Why is it sad to me? I don’t know. I don’t know. I mean cuz
(3084.900s) just tell me why listen to it. It’s only off you come from his father. That’s it. I’m not on the heiress’s as I never knew of the different, you know newer. I’m not from the area. Yeah, I feel that way and it’s a lot to a lot of history to his boss and his hurt some people that are very well educated. They pass to live in here in his boss and they think he’s Boston they can compare it to say the Bronx New York. Not that bad. But that it doesn’t happen. That’s what they’ll say.
(3113.700s) And is it always true as a kid? Do you remember that as a kid too? Is that true? No, no, I wasn’t aware it. Oh God, you know you watched ex2f being Italian. One of the relatives came from the not then and they said like to come here because of what island park the road was always kids to June plan what island but we always thought they were better than them all of them. Go figure.
(3148.300s) When the billionaire of the now the current Blue Line, what does that that was you that the I think if I’m rubbish taken the subway that we have here is the oldest in the United States and I guarantee there’s many many firsts in these false floor, huh?
(3164.900s) And so that was I was available but that costs more than the ferry. So is the wealthier people took the submarine people? They have better jobs. Don’t come very Americans have robbed anywhere, but that you’d walk out but I love going across the harbor. Anyway, yeah, that sounds like a nice entrance. Yeah, how long did it take? But I used to love when the fairies to go into whatever you call it to talk and they had big
(3197.900s) The poles and then I’ll be out there in that if he captured and get it exactly right it would get in the mood. If you step out there trying to get the Barnacles off those poles.
(3212.500s) Everything was excitement. Okay streetcar tracks, they used to at one time. They would go underground.
(3237.100s) Into the tunnel. Yeah.
(3248.300s) Nobody seems to know about the food is that the fires and the peers? What was that about? I don’t care.
(3256.700s) Here we are.
(3260.800s) They’ll come down that building exist today not like that. I don’t see at all these buildings God and they would go down they take this to recap. Where is it that you know where the Mavericks run? Well you gave never Square wow, and it would go down and inside and you would get off me catch the get the subway.
(3283.800s) These runs around houses still there.
(3287.500s) Quaker Oats
(3290.500s) This rain all throughout these Boston yapping. They were many cars one would go up a little more go up Meridian another would go up Lexington. Well, then one would go up some mystery. Did they have to pay for them? Yeah, you would pay a fair. But when you paid in those days now, if you put your dime in on the surface car you will into the subway.
(3317.600s) And got on the subway. You didn’t pay the extra fare.
(3323s) So that you take these a lot of kids young we had to rush you want to walk down for the subway.
(3330.200s) So when did they get rid of the street curves that they put buses and we got rid of the tracks. Okay still have that service. We still have a bus that goes up Meridian or Buster goes up Pennington Street and other bus that goes up to Jeffrey’s point the old road but there are no cracks some parts of Boston. You can still see the tracks. Yeah, they pay them all over here carpets down the tracks. Yeah.
(3360.300s) Between me and you take the subway and I had to take the streetcar to the subway to go to school. But if I wouldn’t I my nipple thought of going no my oldest stick there again how to teach me how to go in town to be sure. I didn’t get lost and she would sit there and she wouldn’t because you could go as far as bone in those days voting to Maverick Maverick two bones in continue on like it does now.
(3390.100s) All the way to Revere but she would sit there because if I made a mistake and didn’t get off all you did was come right back the loop and you’re right back where you started from, so she had to teach me to know when to get off to get in town.
(3407.100s) Yeah, she’s did. She still Spanish when I said this is where we get off right? She said yep, so she taught me to go in town younger and not too much. But at least I know my way.
(3424.200s) People still do that pattern of it was a different way of life.
(3432s) Yeah, well supervised well taken care of. It. Sounds like everyone here. Yeah.
(3446.400s) It’s the band school which they no longer use but it’s still just the building. Where is that located Marion Street? And Main Street is he’s posturing for every one of them. That’s a big thing. Oh, yeah. This is a huge.
(3467.200s) so they run all the time because this is at night when they’re running all the day and I do
(3474.100s) Oh, this is the Statehouse impact manager. If you this is another church in East Boston is the state house and its Allure. Yeah, totally botched State our show.
(3487.300s) I can’t believe that the Central Square Congregational Church. Yeah, and I see then I don’t know if they’re gone the oldest churches I know would be what was the Presbyterian which is a social center today and none of the presbyterianism London. The social Center was the congregation or if I’m not mistaken. They were a lot of churches about different denominations. Was there a lot of Yankees here and they were Protestant churches?
(3515.900s) Catholics and we had several synagogue. That’s how he was Irish.
(3521.300s) Catholics Yankees, Jewish and Italian there’s more than one synagogue no movement, but there were several. Yeah, they were summoned Jeffrey’s point. It was one here in Paris Street Court right here in the alley with Sloane is took over for their party, and I can’t see this one. This is not a church, and I think of this Methodist Episcopal Church where these Boston and he’s passing. I probably that’s gone on maybe maybe it’s taken over by some.
(3551.200s) The building probably still exists doesn’t look like that beautiful buildings, isn’t it? Lovely?
(3559s) So where is the church that this church thing? That’s it, Maverick Street and Maverick Hoffa.
(3566.700s) and
(3569s) Maverick Ava London, that’s the whole block
(3575.700s) Did you get in here? No, I went to the attacking Church the Mount Carmel. What did your sister go to before my time?
(3587.800s) So you still involved with the church today still there?
(3598.200s) This moved enough time that must be so frustrating.
(3604s) This is devil.
(3609.900s) There’s another scene of the Subway because went down.
(3616.700s) This is that never your thing Yep. This is where the current he’s right now. Yeah, this is this is what that is. I remembered there was this hump?
(3627.100s) over here
(3629.400s) This is it with the guys would go in and discover. Probably go coming out with me gone to Summer Street. These houses still exist.
(3638.800s) So the cars that were underground continued some continue they come out. Yeah.
(3649.100s) I gave to the Lyman scoop. They would make a collection of oh, this is the Lyman school right across the street.
(3664.200s) That’s used for what now?
(3668.800s) That’s used for the elderly.
(3675.200s) Well mechanics Hall which they tore down. What is mechanics all these two feature things? They are lifting shows and everything. I know remember what they have advanced. Gosh person has a bad habit of tearing everything down. If you go to Europe, this field is 400 years old average 300 years old Boston chairs everything down. Am I glad they put a stop to that? Yeah.
(3701.900s) Everything has to be told I’m a beautiful opera house was torn down. What is this the Old South Church Boston. I know what the date of that postcards.
(3715.300s) 1905 1905 it’s a little bit. Wow. Wait a second. Wow. Nixon’s made white what? I have Nixon’s made that is it? What does it say it? Can you see it? No. No, I know where that would be. What does it say here? I can’t read this. Yeah. That’s the Boston Harbor Master. Next me. Next Mick. Okay, is that aii, I just took a tour of the Boston Harbor Islands two weeks ago.
(3745.400s) And there’s a lot of the mixes me that isn’t there. I should make a copy of it and give it to the friends at the Boston happen. I Won’t Give Up the cat and she turned it into them. They may enjoy having that 1905.
(3761.700s) So what other kind of tired of discussing had a lot of there’s a rebirth of East Boston at one point in the late sixties?
(3769.100s) I wasn’t here so I couldn’t tell you I was guarding at that time now.
(3775.600s) Gee, I didn’t even know they had a fence where I’m about the school here. That was the high school.
(3786.700s) Hit the king the high school then they built by Scholars Boston area.
(3792.400s) So do you know much about what the Greenwood is going to be when it’s done? I have gone to I don’t go to many of the meanings.
(3801.700s) It’s very difficult for me to go around at night alone. I don’t want to immerse the meetings a house at night. They held it to have a sad school. Yeah, and I can’t do that. But when the local I algo and measuring to get to it that it’s going to be a beautiful thing. I hope because don’t destroy everything. They just where the with the
(3825.600s) Planted but instead of the greenway from the pins down that used to be the Footbridge. Okay, because that was a railroad track. I went to school down work a nice to use that nice to use that to go to Mount Carmel Church and became a mess. They took the bridge down that place became the nest and the hospital and I guess the green would try to put some shrub them to do it, but it doesn’t look very good. I’m sorry.
(3855.100s) But because they put a lot of work whatever happened there. I don’t know what impact you will have either a gradient pack. I only hope it would be a nice place to walk when you can pick up your it won’t be closed off that you can pick it up at different sections because I don’t want to walk all the way to the PS2 get to the entrance to walk through it and that’s ridiculous. And so and the plants they have a wonderful. I also hope that people appreciate.
(3885s) Uh, she ate it because I’ve seen a lot of work done here that people just destroy white, but they’re going to make a I went to that go with them on a trip.
(3899s) And we saw what they had done. Was it Providence?
(3904.200s) And they showed us what they did with the old tracks is a bicycle. It was beautiful and
(3915.700s) it was kept up lovely shrug vetches there. Well that is just lovely was utilized. I hope they can do that here.
(3927.200s) They started to they started to do it from the Pierce, isn’t it odd that they should be done? I hope so. I hope so.
(3939.500s) That is supposed to be an entrance on Grove Street now will be an entrance. We went to one of the meetings and say what would you suggest in? What do you want and what even though the children have it and they should have it is the skateboards but they’re awful dangerous to people that are just struttin and strolling along and they come up by it fact. They’re scary. Yeah, they knock their knock people over.
(3969.500s) All right. I can they use them in the public gardens in the comedy, you know yet well they started to skate at the library at the bottom and there’s a whole lot for I read because they were it was a historic building and they were destroying it. So they keep them out of there. I don’t know about the garden. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen them on the streets. So the sidewalk you can be knocked down so easily job then they wanted a a path for the bicycles, which I think is wonderful.
(3999.500s) – get them off the street. You don’t get killed and that’s great. But what these were all the suggestions we need and then we want a refreshment stands not to commercial because you’re going to lose the effect, but it would be nice that you can sit there and buy yourself a cup of coffee cold drink and sit and enjoy it on a park bench. Someone suggested that because they suggested the bicycle they suggested
(4028.200s) The walk and to be protected, right?
(4033.400s) and several entrances
(4038.300s) no.
(4040.700s) I would like to see it finished. It sounds like certainly be an asset.
(4051.100s) Oh, yes, and the other places besides they have a half a walk, which I’m so sorry. I don’t look close enough to get to they cut me off. I used to go up 40 Street into the airport and I would walk down with the old post office used to be into Mavericks and get into the to where the walk began and Ice to love to get there about Sunset because I would enjoy the sunset but they come.
(4079.800s) Laughter blocked it off so I can’t come soon enough for me to get there as you go all the way up to Maverick Square Maverick Street, even though I am walking and this is what IP intent. I I still like getting this shot cut what they got going on. I don’t know. I know that I couldn’t make it anymore. That was sad because they also had a whole row of oak trees and I would go with my little bag and I’m 58.
(4109.700s) Huh, and I was saving for these squirrels because we don’t have any oak trees and I would save all the acorns for the squirrels, but I can’t get there now.
(4120.300s) I don’t know if I can get in there to Maverick. So where do you where you stability of X now this is I don’t do much of anything now not too much. How about when you were younger and I noticed that you weren’t you hire involved in a few groups Church groups. I found my volunteered thanks citations and things I got okay. I forgot that I had.
(4149.600s) Well, I’m a recipient of the freedom Foundation Foundation side of Philadelphia because a chapter You by fact they have a good dinner frog people be picked for the shufen achievements and humanities.
(4167.300s) Saito works with Francis house for the homeless. I write that there I used to go and help in the kitchen.
(4178.300s) And I wrote with the crossroads and stay it opened. That’s a shelter for the homeless here nice posture. It was the convent and then when the nuns left there was that beautiful building they converted it and we take family’s not single people and they put them up case there. He picked it fire victims.
(4206.300s) and I used to go every Monday and cook their run then I did work for
(4214.200s) the Friars in
(4218s) Thrift Shop
(4222.300s) you very very active. Yeah.
(4225.600s) I enjoyed it, too.
(4227.900s) There’s so much changed so much changed for the better for the worse for me. Not so much worse before me for the way. I liked it. They people put up so many rules and regulations that then I don’t feel I belong anymore. Like I want to be a free agent. Okay chest is it for instance? What’s that was at the crossroads you can down the kitchen and all of a sudden. Nobody could go in the kitchen.
(4258s) And I should be down there and I was put upon the super always and get their input on a partisan one by one. Everybody would come down sit there and have a bowl of soup with it. And I have it really bugged all gab gab gab. Then the children have come from school because they in there and they were able to keep the ice cream chest down there and the ice cream was in the ice cream and the chest and so the kids weren’t allowed in the kitchen now and I have to make them sit on the stairs.
(4287.700s) And I’ll get a plastic spoon to make an ice cream cone under plastic screw it up sitting there there. Now that had we go and all those rules are getting that could do is like praised and the kids are coming to school and make pictures of suffering and that make whatever drawing there that make one for me is to love it, but then the roots came in no rules were you know,
(4316.200s) Anything else that we get a lot of stuff. I have a lot of stuff for us, but I think you’d want people to know about that you think
(4329.200s) These bastards. Yeah, and you’re experiencing the gym. I spoke about that. We should get the pictures when that like I says we are perished. We thought we owned it. It’s a probably did it. Not that we felt that we don’t agree that it was in faster too long to us. This is just a group of girls. And then I take one time of this is one time my girlfriend in a few the others decided that they were going to roll.
(4358.100s) Pastor Kevin is I haven’t and they were to Jim’s Point. Some people used to take you over for whatever they charged and my girlfriends and I don’t tell my father that I’m going he promised me. Give me your word. You’re not going to tell where they’re going. And I said, I promise you I won’t sit with you. Did you hear it? The weather was to pick him up never came back for the stuck on the gun itself.
(4388.200s) Hair everybody’s frantic with what they be. Where are they? I just thought it was up and down the street. Does anybody know where my daughter is gone? And I knew where they were but I gave my word and I wasn’t pretty so whatever happened. I guess this summarizes a somebody remembered this is the postcard from inhabited them to get them back to the
(4414.300s) Is it coming from state employees to do what are the things that I used to love that have outings and they take you too.
(4424.300s) Spot point I think those places it would be an open truck and moved attack Adventures like this we go for transportation for 50 cents a pack. Imagine be up there all day.
(4439.900s) It was great 25 cents 50 Cent’s of Missouri, but didn’t ring because we when you were in an open truck, we’d go play just come outings.
(4451.400s) I do a lot of that in the summertime the island the center of the island swimming. It’s just been the whole day there then of course we had
(4472.500s) Friends that are boys that came from another section and one grown like to so and so you know how that is for a girl and if you liked a certain boy and say we’re going to be near them wherever we designate to me and when I was making lunch for the boys and we spend the day with the boys with such good times and he’s like, yeah.
(4502.200s) Let’s have a lunch just sit there saying we used to be able to buy all the popular songs that came out you were able to buy the printed songs. I sense of Washington Street. Yeah, what kind of like like all the old songs so time of sowing and we stood by it and that we would be able to sing sit on the curb Stone and sing Love It.
(4531.300s) Are we had the Portables in the school yard at the Lyman school school was overcrowded more too many kids in that school. So they built to Portables and they had sheds where they say keep you the water call and they had the shades of would sit on the shed and lean up against the building and single way sit underneath the light at the
(4557.100s) At the down in the marsh Stone Fence play games this I could never understand why we were a group playing games. We play Red Light my all these other teams will be a group of kids as lot of kids and whoever was the leader that have to say teams. So it says that you can play and you can play weeds. We did in a very gentle way.
(4587.300s) You are 11 or an orange. So you had lineup. It’s a fugitive wanted for you were letting viewers and arms Your Lovin You could break but if a democratic gorgeous and would be teams would play and just have so much fun so much fun.
(4609.700s) The kids the kids are good. I’m sorry for them.
(4621.500s) Because porno for the still have an awful lot that we didn’t have and I think we had to use our own Ingenuity to create our own fun mothers could be sure to plan out their cars. We did our own and we use that brain baby. It wasn’t done for us.
(4643.900s) We managed you managed to find things to do everything. They want mischievous to get in trouble. We really weren’t with our green fun. Yeah, we’re just happy to be there.
(4661.300s) We play school are we play grocery store? And we had these backyards and we would play store we get all kinds of weeds or whatever. We could find a newspaper and boxes and come to the store to buy leaflets. And it by pretend we weighed them up. I would play school at least very old things. So some could sit down some was the teacher.
(4689.400s) We didn’t have much to play with we like I said sir. He’s got our own Ingenuity to make up all these games with we did we had wished to take glass cans and we’re filling with water and get color crepe paper would ask my mother for some subsets and would beat it and beat it and beat it until we get all this beautiful colors of soaps and
(4713.200s) King kind of red paper pale green and blue nothing just put it up a gap and talk to do like I said, we had a few things out for ourselves to keep us at night. Yeah, he’s been going to have Fisher toys, you know, you ring a bell and then we’ll dance and do something.
(4738s) and then if I could always remember my girlfriend and piano I’d go anywhere with there was a piano and my girlfriend I had a piano the father said she could have the analyst and she’s just go to Chelsea Street and I always thought that if I went with her I would learn but I had no piano so you can that’s a lesson and she would sit and play the piano and I would sit there and listen, but my other girlfriend took dancing lessons
(4766.600s) Tackle that was G took them up at these where people catch this Goods to their and the officer still then we go to her dad’s studio and masako motorcycle was very nice. She let us sit there as long as we didn’t disturb anything. We will go it would sit there while she talking hearts dance. So I thought I could learn how to dance by walk I go wherever any scary this is my mother wasn’t
(4796.500s) Around I was never home just make sure she cooked them to think not to give the artist but I didn’t carry them out your in spirit, I guess.
(4813s) But we lack so much.
(4818.100s) We just laughed everything was so good.
(4826.100s) I had a happy childhood very happy childhood.
(4837.600s) I can remember.
(4839.800s) My grandma Lucy’s you will Brown stockings stockings and Sundays.
(4848.500s) And I wanted for a while.
(4851.400s) What could still closed stock we had a healthy Street was confidence key steps till the didn’t ski and he had a store where they sought stockings and a we’re dry goods and I used to go when the language School became 4/6 and not the center neat because you graduated from the eighth.
(4879.300s) And they have these big build the other schools. They still had the kitchens cuz they still teach domestics out of cook so and so forth and you grades so they still have the kitchens and I used to come home at 12 o’clock the lunch. I didn’t want to eat them. I was in a hurry in my rush out by 12:15 to go upstairs to where the kitchens where were they taught the girls to go to wash dishes for 15 cents a week for the teachers?
(4909s) Somebody should do their hot meal because they had the facilities Friday afternoon quick like a bunny crossed my score with Chelsea Street to buy myself a pair of silk Lyle stock. It’s damaged now damaged Dawkins for 15 cents.
(4926.100s) So I have a way stocking white stockings school. Yeah minded your own. Oh, yeah, that’s great. And anything I got what I wanted.
(4946.300s) Back-to-back about all those pics and another thing that tickles me today as I think about it. Everybody had a nickname.
(4956.100s) And you would you wouldn’t appreciate what I have to say the poor man that had a grocery store right here in Paris to where now stands the Turnpike Authority building. He’s he’s came from Sicily. He never had a phone there. He was was a shitty are The Advocate had something wrong with his eye. I remember mr. Levinsky. No because I’m still as didn’t see the cotton the Jacquard or the blind man and the history. So go along with it.
(4985.400s) This what we are in distress, but there was no dissension know, you know, like oh your discrimination or racism nothing which is the way of life. Everyone has everyone had a nickname and that was a very fat flattered to pull the some of this kid. Would you gather that even though it meant nothing matter didn’t ever offered and it did the kids and they need to just hear the word for the kids have nicknames. My friend is sitting on
(5015.300s) The doorsteps she used to wear like a mother have that eggs and long and her carpet started from the waist all the way down to the floor. She had everything in it. So anybody that would bash your have a little ditty for
(5034.200s) But everybody knows Trilogy because that’s what she said. She could work too. Well because of a knee she something’s wrong with me. Wonderful is arthritis. Come to pick of it permanent. Yeah.
(5045.600s) But she had a duty for everybody that would pay. She also had a needle and a thread in that pocket. She got an old found some tin the casing of an old pounds of thing should threat. Alright threat one with black jade roll it up and should keep it in this case and if the kids toward their dresses wear it it meant that all come up that sort of the agents who these are for worry. I’ll take care of that sort so they could go home to Mother not what the torn dress already – yeah, and that she wouldn’t go out.
(5076.400s) She wouldn’t go out in the winter time. So she would had a sweet tooth. So we used to go to the bank and my older brothers both times. They would buy ten cents worth of candy in those days and she have and she’d say that all from the summertime so that she would be in Kavala kids again, and it sounds attractive neighborhoods are so different. That was awesome so much respect. They wouldn’t be beaten up old people. They respect bottom.
(5105.600s) That’s all.
(5110.500s) wonderful way of life
(5114.200s) and their superstitions like well, I think if you were pregnant and you saw something a desired something wanted something you had a half because people with the personal Tyler forget the woman that lives in the first floor here at that time. She was upstairs putting her clothes out of the clothesline and she must have been pregnant. I wouldn’t even know what project is enormously so my grandma was flying it plant.
(5143.300s) So she knocked at the door to say hello to my ground. So for my she sits in the ground, it takes a piece and she goes there with a box just have to taste it you have because she thought you’d be bomb with an eggplant. I heard that one before Oh, yes. It’s ended 20 off. Yeah. These are all Italian Italian superstitions funny. I think about them now let us again.
(5172.800s) What other superstitions?
(5180s) This carries just curious. I don’t think about oh, my sister was afraid of lightning. Oh, she really was right. She can go from here.
(5192.500s) When she heard there was going to be a storm and look like a stone should go sit in the subway. She won’t go cold too cold sweats. So my grandma would taken from pans out the window. So them house wasn’t extract something. I don’t know like Palm leaves. We have families are forced to get the full time Sonny and I should keep them with those ultimate. No put across out there something we see very religious. No,
(5222.300s) Her own way what my understanding she was brought up in a Convent. She had absolutely no use for priests. I wouldn’t want to tell you what you call them. She asked us if she when she died. She didn’t want to go to church.
(5240.200s) But we didn’t carry out her wishes, but that was her wish.
(5245.300s) But as she was religious in her own way, I could remember her but she ever throughout a morsel of food.
(5258s) Whatever, you know for whatever she reason she had to have been always remember her doing kissing her hand and touching the food and saying in Italian, please God never let me desire it. Wow, little things like that or
(5278.300s) She would say the word Seawall deal which I never understood that so I understood God willing are the many little things like that, but she wouldn’t be in church.
(5291.300s) But there’s a lot of spiritual things that she would do in a lot of spiritual things. She would say.
(5298.400s) Fact I think sometimes I even as old as I am now my grandmas gone a long time. I think tag and I pray at Edmund I can help that’s the first is because thinks my mind I thought it was a permit listening to my grandmother. That’s because yeah, they’re checking with sunburned on you have a spec right so she praises and she’d walk around the house something about you or if you had bread and you put it upside down.
(5328.900s) Oh shoot get furious son. I don’t know what but you have to turn it upright. Wow something to do with bread and the host I guess. I don’t know.
(5339.600s) Could be the same thing I could think of so there are many little things that she observed and did sort of but her way.
(5359.600s) You think of anything the other ones are appreciate half the things I’ve seen under the atag being so much in the tagging.
(5377.400s) All right. I don’t know. Why did you want you to want these days? Go ahead take good. All right. Let me see if I can find anything else there you do what you have to do. I’ll go poking Majestic Theater. Not many people do it was a fear that it may be may be getting Webster came since beaches there for all I know but
(5407.300s) Stage came out I know how to put your department. But if we took pictures in the backyard and mangle you are able to see the stage of the stage was Jarred out from the building it was on pillars and you could see that that was the stage then it became Hibernia Hall which was the Masons and then somebody for a warehouse and it burnt down break down since I’ve been back but that was one of the original movie houses in his boss.
(5437.100s) From what? I understand the Majestic Theater human mother. No, I didn’t we went to the gym you’ll finish Jim my father. I never saw the end of a movie. He’s still my father loved movies. Do you by chance? It’s with Spanish peanuts and he would take me to the movie because you gave her a little it would take me to the when it came to love scene and anybody cares it always work out with me. I never saw the end of
(5473.300s) Okay, I’m this is where should I start? Mrs. Phillips Betsy proraso lived in the house next to the gymnasium with no longer exists restore down for the embed code by Authority, but she was Jewish and she lived in the same house as a tenant. Mrs. Barrasso was there mrs. Marasco couldn’t speak one word of English, but mrs. Barrasso out spoke Italian that mrs. Phillips both
(5503s) Hee hee hee – in her English. The two of them would hold to the conversation and understand each other. They understood each other when over 40 years neither speak, they spoke to each other in this blasted in an Italian Arctic Miss Phillips looking over time, but they would go on and on and on they were the best of friends but mrs. Phillips had husband Jackie had a Bottling Company on orange tree at the carnival in some Webster which now I miss the future future of future.
(5533s) The garages there now catmus the building the Pains of the whole building below. So mrs. Phillips took very good care of Jackie and should ask us girls to take him his heart and lunch and would love going down to the 80s because when we got the he always gave us some soda. I was thinking I was getting real go down and see Jackie Jackie was a wonderful man, then he’d come up the street with his house and team and he gather all the kids and we’re good back in the day.
(5563s) I could have Hassan team and we go all the way a parachute which you could go through parachute didn’t have the overpass then we go up to Pro Street somewhere up there. He had his bond where he’d keep his horse and we were going to put his ass in the mine and we’re working with Jackie. Yeah. So like I said, there was all these wonderful things. It was such a wonderful wonderful neighborhood everybody friendly and everybody doing for everybody. And again, they were different but we didn’t know what we didn’t care anyway.
(5592.900s) Yeah, you’re all the same. We’re all the same. So you said you never could go into the synagogue had ever seen. Oh, no, I uh, I don’t think I ever went with the men would nobody to go installments for we went downstairs. We were followed the funerals. Okay. Well the few months that I walked down to the synagogue and this time of year was Russia China One of the high holidays where the women used to get dressed with the all their finery, they would be dressed beautiful. We would wait for them all to walk down to
(5623.100s) to the synagogue
(5625.700s) and the funerals they by remember these to go in the entrance on Grove Street, but they never brought the body inside because they had to bury it before Sundown and all the people would stand outside and they’d have their Rabbi boo be on the stairs and he would sort of a sermon whatever ceremony that they have you were so you would go to
(5651.200s) Well, I wouldn’t I was too young to go these days even to your my building all the Italian woman, but I could only remember poor Bessie and the Italian woman, even though they had a conference with what are we going to talk or do we say what do we do that is supposed to do it a shiver when they did end up going there. Oh, yes. Oh God. This is on the street for how many years 50 years or so without fight over semler who was going to reel him in his garage. That was our only child.
(5680s) this anima
(5683s) I’m glad we had a wheel him.
(5686.300s) So there’s a lot to make the divisions were that important?
(5692.400s) Nothing like that. Nothing mrs. Mrs. Pure was Irish. She loved it. Noting that a hundred pair of Street. Mrs. Logan and is it one or two then the Italian start coming in?
(5709.900s) And everyone’s Apartments now who lives here now. Oh, yeah his children about he always introduces me as the god. What does he call me? But he likes me. It wasn’t an introduction about the biggest pests of the neighborhood. The one that makes sure that they sweep. I’m the one to make sure that they put the Planters in with the trees.
(5739.500s) Master did he act constantly after the to try to keep the street looking good. I need someone like that.
(5751.900s) They’re all good neighbors. We have a woman next door. She’s been here 30 years now. She’s Portuguese.
(5761.600s) and
(5764.300s) her husband died and I went to her week which was all going to me and I saw How They carried on with the there but I’m invited to every christening every wedding. We just went to a wedding of their just do a couple weeks ago all the different cultures and the things they do nice and it is being sold as I like it. Yeah, and we have Spanish people at 110.
(5793.800s) She’s Portuguese, but all the others are Italian.
(5799.300s) I’ve been here for many many years, but the original ones are the one that 108 and that in this picture. This time cows go back a long time.
(5812s) That’s really special. In fact when Venus her sisters just got the two sisters live together when he does tries to say something to her sister, but I know you my grandma delivered her. I really loved her on her birthday because my granny’s to be like a midwife to so she tries to say anything. I said, you better be quiet, but you are not a lot about you. Well, that’s how far back we go. Wow.
(5841.900s) Yeah, my granny’s to have all kind of bandages in those Pockets you breathe skin your knees you would be taken to take care of it for you. Wow. The character is like you inherited some of that. Oh, she’s a character. Yeah, I have to say I have to tell you she my brother.
(5868.600s) graduated high school
(5871.500s) and I guess whatever happened he had find a job. So he went to work for the at the jeweler’s building in one of the offices of the Jews up there in the ninth floor.
(5886.100s) And that was the only job he had it with this over the years I think but anyway, she was so proud of her grandson. She was the apple of her eye elk wife. So wonderful to her so he only got a job. He was in a watchmaker watch repair or anything like that. It was a young boy and so he probably ran errands go pick up this go to the post office to this or do that even sweep the floor for all I know when she talked.
(5915.500s) her grandson
(5917.900s) was so much pride in Italian. She would say her grandson is a manager of a big jewelry store and for but women are as don’t say that you couldn’t convince her. He was the manager of big tree over here and the right.
(5941.400s) You could tell her otherwise and then she should sit there even to this day. He he when he passed away now just a few years ago. She says whether I liked it or not. I had any two weeks every morning and it and if she didn’t if you didn’t eat it, he said we don’t you like the way I cook then he didn’t want her to iron his shirts anymore. So he said to me I left some shirts in the bag. See if you can take her to the lon.
(5969.300s) For me she found out.
(5973s) She sits there you don’t like the way I do your shirts anymore. So this is okay. My Mana you can do my shirts. She was great strange that so many people say JUMP. Where was your mother because I talk about my grandfather’s so much because I was with her most of the lucky person.
(6003s) Just great. There’s the only stories I can tell you buddy spots and going to school running around 52. I think of it now running back to school for 15 cents a minute survive their stockings.
(6023.400s) Yeah.
(6024.900s) That gave the my picture of I was in the fourth grade Miss Green’s room in the scrutiny the school rooms had a door in between and my neighbor Joey was a Miss Kennedys or my was amiss grants from the same age were in the same grade and they decided to put on my George Washington performance. I was not the wash and he was George Washington and we would talk to do the minuet so they dress me up with the client.
(6054.800s) They made to work with curl and press with the word of you call it the bustle and they took a picture of me in the office the original office of that school and when they converted they want to pictures of their act guys and I gave it up and nobody knows where it is. They didn’t do anything with it, but not so much for me is the picture but as the see as much as they could have the office because it had a home match brought that wainscoting.
(6085.200s) And you can see a little part of the office of the United school.
(6090s) Yeah, but nobody knows where it is. Nobody has a record up probably has it’s tough to waste. Why would they want me they don’t care? Yeah, how could I have been fourth grade? Nine years old. You have a good memory or this I had to tell you my grandmother registered all of us. She didn’t speak English when it came to where was she born a wheel with a barn would decrease mm. He’s so everybody in his family was born on Christmas day and we have to straighten it out.
(6119.600s) They all had December 25th is your birthday. That’s a great state you pick the day and it’s easier to be very lucky mother every laugh.
(6138.300s) the dear Souls
(6143.400s) Let everybody know I should sit on the stairs all the people that would go to the gym. I’ll do her. We’re going by she gets it over everybody.
(6153.900s) Did she live here with us? This is only for my mother. So she stayed with my mother. It’s nice to have another generation someone else. Do you have a grandmother? I did she passed away. I’m much youngest of my family my brothers or my shoulder. So
(6177.500s) what were you spoiled and I spoiled well by that time.
(6183.900s) They were more than the raising children. So it was more they let my brother. My sister has taken care of me and brothers 13 years old and my sister 10 years.
(6194.500s) We got the same situation. My sister was nine. Yes. I was like her little girl. Yeah, so they say, okay. So I for parents, you know for people taking me out for people, you know watching me so I don’t know my grandparents. I only live a few years like when I was five or six they passed away. So everybody should have it. Everyone should have a gram of how many bands I bird because I want to learn how to make fudge.
(6224.500s) Of course for Grandma every time you came home from school you ate lunch at 12:00 can home from school at through there was always a goodie.
(6238.700s) Oh, she always made something. She’s to make his drop cookies make some kind of a better and drop them in in oil fry them up and said puff right up. I don’t even know how to make them. I was really their first. I was something really I should make a guayule. You don’t know what quota was junk it.
(6258s) What they have today is junket. It’s it’s something that jobs with milk because she’s taking spoon it out when it when it gel. Do you come to the top and we’ll be like all water. I guess it’s a process of the first process of making cheese and that she would take it. She taking put another slice of bread with cinnamon and sugar. Oh God exactly. Well something was always there ready for you when you came home from
(6287.700s) Going to take care of you. Yeah.
(6295.100s) Are you married? No?
(6299.100s) like 24
(6301.400s) and you don’t get married at 24.
(6307.900s) Like a parakeet you live alone in your apartment.
(6327.400s) I’m sorry for all you kids. You don’t know what you’re missing family.
(6335s) I really mean it family is very important. Very very important boys. You get older how much you need to find that out.
(6346.300s) Them is New York. So you go to your older sister.
(6357.300s) We still have your parents.
(6362.100s) sister
(6365.800s) you came to Boston because of school. What do you like about Boston?
(6377.200s) Much better than New York much quieter, but I think pasta is a beautiful city. Yeah, it’s so much right around here. Austin is a beautiful set of I’m sorry. I haven’t got a kind of a friend companion for that likes things. I like. I’m not a bingo player and God bless all the women. I don’t care for the little bits of gossip.
(6406.700s) They don’t care for it really and there’s some points of interest that sometimes I’ll sit his oh how I wish I had someone to go with what kind of stuff do I like musicals? I like the theater. I this the Federal Reserve building gives concerts are on Thursdays agreed to go to those know you don’t you work of Scholars school, but that they have those I love the museum. I love art.
(6437.300s) I don’t want must as an exhibit. There’s not many people that like these things. It’s important to them then sometimes I get so tired of being alone, but that’s the kind of stuff. I like I love the romance of food. It’s not that I’m a problem that I have to eat. But I love experimenting and I could be very happy with a hamburger as well as going to a nice person be served. Well.
(6466.600s) It doesn’t matter to me, but I could find something about something urgent very observant to look around and enjoy whatever. Yeah.
(6475.900s) But I haven’t got that kind of a a companion like who cares about the price is celery at the grocery store is on sale today.
(6490.800s) There’s so much there’s so much good stuff and last night when I came back for Phoenix all of a sudden. I appreciate it. No not all of a sudden I always did but I appreciated it more and if I was around Boston, I was safe to look at the rebuilding our son become aware of the architect of the building say I never noticed that before gee whiz because of course in Phoenix. Everything was no nothing like Boston and I look up and so
(6518.100s) Before you know, it’s something we’ll be looking up with you. It’s yeah tonight because someone died carry on a conversation but I was always safe because they thought I was moved to Boston safe because I could talk about Phoenix and not feel like I feel like a fool why you look at that and really truly look at some of the openings and see the beauty of the buildings just the Beauty and the architecture and everything they put in now,
(6548.100s) Now our buildings of points flat glass like the John Hancock someday sit by if you do you drive a vehicle by okay, if you want to I had to wait I sit on benches a lot find that I could talk to people there very easily the entrance to the cop is Street Station sit by and noticed that church is at the Allerton.
(6578.100s) The church. Yes cup is going copy squared not a trinity. Not the one in the Square One belt one down. The one that way you can take the subway. Okay, and there’s a bench that you can sit in that way. You look and I did you start counting all the different kind of bricks that they have right now. I only see the side.
(6600.300s) And just count all the different bricks and all the different way to break bricks are laid around the window. It’s a picture. I came up the islands and streets. I will head go to I was looking for pains that doesn’t exist anymore. Don’t leave enough. But anyway, I went came out of Arlington and there was a sigh excuse our appearance. This is the aren’t in church. So I see the doors are open and curious and I went in I never know that they’re stained glass windows were made by Tiffany.
(6630.400s) Really, so I went in and there was some of their two directions me. I it’s just as this is oh, yes, but we were doing this in business as well. I just wanted to see your stained glass windows and they have eight of them. They’re all made by Tiffany. Wow, no see so we just go around. That’s what I do. I’m curious and I go and Gary every eye. Yeah beautiful but one that I like the best because of the color of the sun rise.
(6660.600s) Was John the Baptist they had one wiggle John the Baptist. I guess we’re back guys in Jesus, which is beautiful. Yeah, there’s a lot of the buildings. Yeah. There’s so much Beauty to it.
(6679.900s) The reason why I love the city, it’s also it’s much more go exploring. It’s a delight they have someone that likes that yeah my friends would we do that? They’ve destroyed so much about Austin third so much. I someone gave me the f a Christmas present.
(6702.700s) Boston lost I lost Boston. I don’t know the correct name of the book and that really good started me started on the preservation of Boston and picking up all these Opals kind but we tear everything down. Our opera house was beautiful the mechanic smoothing glad they didn’t tear down Symphony Hall was so happy. They restored the
(6731.500s) The Majestic Theater and cigars to covid they took over the little building as a dormitory and I went in there because there’s so little I should go there one time to go ahead and go do some business up among those floors and in the lobby.
(6749.500s) They have paintings and if you look up there’s one of the Donald McKay Shipyard of East Boston and any time I’m with anybody someone I want to show you something and I take them through that because they don’t give us credit for Donald McKay his statues in South Boston, which angers me. But anyway, and all we got is a plaque right there at the shipyard overhears in the that was a shipyard. But anyway when
(6776.800s) I didn’t even know it existed. So when they took it over, I don’t know why I talk to us is that you’re going to paint this lobby as please don’t paint over there as this, please leave that and they said that they have no intention of paint in the lobby, but eventually they will I said, what was that and just paint over
(6796.400s) it’s too bad, too.
(6799.500s) not answering
(6806.600s) I think you give enough.
(6808.900s) more than your share information for this project with a good talk more about me though, but you can
(6815.200s) it comes out of here because I want to think of everything to starve. That’s why would they say three significant things as everything was significant? Yeah. I love those answers. I love that answer. It was all part of my growing up that I love so much would you now with this one is the same thing.
(6849.100s) And I got so many of his citations because he was really a very good loyal person to his naevia. Yeah different things that happened but I have to tell you I don’t know you haven’t got this on tape. I’m going to tell you my father’s so it the could decide that you’d love epic up with school. Where’s the Cubs get right here with a hospital has the father building of the cup?
(6875s) Our school was unconsciously so it’s set in the center of that hole Rock. So there was land here and land here and we stood there was a wrought iron fence completely around it those as you will read my paper ballot dropped it not these with the Italian. Yeah, and that outside undecided because this did going through this entrance. They used to be a little wooden shelter posted on the fence with a little roof.
(6905.100s) To be a book and you look up the city name was on the voting list, then you’d go in and they’d give you that because I always had a very Stern looking face. I became 21. So now he’s got six months. Yeah, so he nobody could go for until I came home from work. That’s what he said to you and all of us. Don’t poke wait. There’s when you went in now today.
(6934.300s) They please and it set up where he was. So proud that get six pots and his family and he popped in Richie – oh, let’s talk it over and under the law because he was proud take it serious and scary that was the difference between American and immigrant accountants country being an American but was very festive here when there was Voting time. It would go from morning until night. They’d be music and flags, of course.
(6964.100s) The doughnuts it was a party why not? There’s always people pushing the boats candidates still like that today. We vote across the street. You would even know it. Nothing like us nothing is ever your postcards. Okay. Thank you.