Greenway Extensions

Greenway Extensions

Connecting East Boston, Winthrop, Chelsea, and beyond

Mary Ellen Welch Greenway-Winthrop Extension Feasibility Study

Community meeting on December 7th

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Online Public Survey No. 2

The vision of the Winthrop extension is to extend the Mary Ellen Welch Greenway (MEWG) from East Boston to the Belle Isle Marsh Ecology Park in Winthrop. By connecting to the Winthrop trails, the Greenway will be extended for miles, connecting to Short Beach in Revere and numerous entry points in Winthrop, fulfilling a connection that has been envisioned for decades. Additionally, the Winthrop extension will provide a safe, pleasant, and low-stress multi-use path between Winthrop and East Boston.

Thank you for taking this survey about the Mary Ellen Welch Greenway – Winthrop extension as part of the Feasibility Study.  We would like to hear from you about your preferred route alignment.

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Diagram of possible routes for new greenway


Developing a Feasibility Study


Planning process starting soon


Planning process starting soon

Extending the Greenway

The vision for the Mary Ellen Welch Greenway is still growing. The Friends of the Mary Ellen Welch Greenway (FoMEWG) are working on extending the Greenway further to the north to Revere and east to Winthrop, allowing more people to enjoy this amenity and access the open space and safe, beautiful, low-stress corridor for active transportation that it affords. There are several proposed extensions to the existing Mary Ellen Welch Greenway. Four proposed extensions include:

  1. Winthrop Extension: Mary Ellen Welch Greenway to Winthrop
  2. Revere Extension: Constitution Beach to Revere
  3. Chelsea Creek: Chelsea St to Revere Beach Parkway
  4. Chelsea Spur: Wood Island Station to Chelsea

The extensions to Winthrop, Revere, and Chelsea will create a regional greenway network that connects Lynn, Everett, and Malden. With the greenway extensions, residents and visitors alike will be able to walk and bike to beaches, wetlands, and destinations throughout these nearby but currently disconnected communities, while also gaining new levels of access to East Boston (and beyond).

Location of proposed greenway bridge across Belle Isle Marsh

Winthrop Extension

The vision to create a “Winthrop Greenway” has existed for a couple of decades. There has been a strong interest from East Boston and Winthrop residents, the Greenway Council, Bike Winthrop, the Winthrop Transportation Advisory Committee, and Friends of Belle Isle Marsh to extend the Greenway to Winthrop through an off-road multi-use path.

For more information please email:

Bennington Street, East Boston

Revere Extension

An extension of the Mary Ellen Welch Greenway to Revere is also actively being discussed. The two greenway extensions will need to be connected at Orient Heights Station. The developer of Suffolk Downs, HYM Investment Group, has committed to building the Greenway connection from Constitution Beach via Bennington and Walley Street as a part of the mitigation package for the Suffolk Downs Development. Coordination between the consultants and the community will be beneficial to ensure that extensions link together seamlessly for walkers and bikers.

Chelsea Creak

Chelsea Creak Extension

Coming soon.