Contribute Money

Your contributions are tax-deductible. Identify the non-profit as “The Friends of the East Boston Greenway” in your tax-filing. Use one of the following methods:

  • Donate Online
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  • Send a check made out to The Friends of the East Boston Greenway
             The Friends of the East Boston Greenway
PO Box 74
East Boston, MA, 02128

Contribute Time

  • Become a volunteer

Pick from a variety of activities: engage with neighbors, make art, do entrepreneurial events, organize events, host shows, educate, help do preventive maintenance, maintain a vigilant eye, social media, etc. Sign up!

  • Be part of the conversation

Even if you can’t physically be out on the Greenway, or have chunks of time to give, perhaps you want to be in the loop about the goings on, occasionally contribute ideas, or to brainstorm, do planning, online communication, etc. Sign up